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Содержит ответы на все задания учебника. Может, мы и в одном классе? The X Games include skateboarding, Freestyle Motocross, surfing, skateboarding, Rally Racing and some other defunct sports. Translate the situations into English:

Переводы текстов по английскому языку 11 класс Spotlight

During the tour you will have the chance to feel the atmosphere of the most southern Russian city and admire the fantastic panorama. But Nature itself is a technique to predict weather changes.

I am thinking of studying law. The young scientist had a full time job as an assistant to the professor in the laboratory and spent all the time there.

Meteorologists use modern technology to tell us weather forecast. Решебник к учебнику Английский в фокусе, Spotlight, Ю. She is lit by the morning sunshine from the window behind her.

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