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Cambridge English Prepare!
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Each part contains one or more recorded texts and accompanying comprehension questions. Each part contains a text and comprehension task of some kind. The revision tasks come at the end of every even unit e.

Cambridge English Prepare! Level 7 B 2: Workbook

Workbook Prepare 5 level!

Part 3 Candidates talk to each other in a communication task for example making plans, solving a problem, making a decision, discussing an order of importance, speculating. Эти люди построили карьеры актеров, режиссеров, писателей, поэтов, драматургов.

ГДЗ найдете здесь В наличии еще способ эксплуатации решебника, о котором ни душа не догадывается. The type of texts used include newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, brochures, guides, letters, fiction, messages and reports.

The compulsory Transactional letter Part 1 is dealt with in Units 2,6,10,14 and Guidance is also given for training students to deal with the kind of multiple choice questions on reading passages they may meet in Paper 1.

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