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The Keys. English Grammar. Reference & Practice. Version 2.0
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What do you see over there? They came while I was working in the garden. Did you see the film on television yesterday? How much land have you got?

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He does not play chess very well. А возможность предложить ученику альтернативный вариант на основе ответов может помочь ему научиться мыслить более широко и не всегда стандартно, по шаблону.

My friend lives in the North. А, раздел, быкова Н.

My sister studies at the Medical college. If the traffic conditions get much worse, the city will have to build elevated roads. Entering, saw, had left; 2.

Who were you talking to on the telephone when I came in? How did you travel? Some people like summer best of all, some like spring and autumn, but others prefer winter.

Have you been; have been ; was 6.

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